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We love our volunteers and appreciate the dedication and energy of people who are as excited about gender equity, music, and education as we are. 


Connect with us to volunteer.

15 Ways to Volunteer:

  1. Tell someone in your circle about us! 

  2. Become a teaching artist for one of our events

  3. Sign up to work on one of our events

  4. Help recruit participants

  5. Use your birthday to make a Facebook Fundraiser for EPJG

  6. Pitch an idea and write a blog feature 

  7. Pitch an idea for our resource page 

  8. Link us to donors, philanthropic groups, or foundations

  9. Secure or donate food & beverages, meeting/event/office space

  10. Offer your skills in graphic design, grant writing, event planning, or project management

  11. Create video content for our Instagram & YouTube pages

  12. Takeover the EPJG Instagram and share your musical day

  13. Find us potential social media content to repost

  14. Write a testimonial for future marketing purposes

  15. Make a year end donation gift and ask someone you love to match it

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